Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tea Guy Speaks - On Hiatus

Thanks for visiting Tea Guy Speaks. We are currently on a hiatus of indeterminate length. But there's about 10 years worth of stuff here at the site so be sure to look around.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Earl Grey, Hot With Star Trek's Captain Picard

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Star Trek's Captain Picard On Earl Grey Tea

I've never been a fan of the liquid perfume that's better known as Earl Grey tea, but of course we all like what we like. Here's a short clip in which Captain Picard, of Star Trek: The Next Generation, professes his fondness for it. Which leads to the obvious question - what would Kirk drink?

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Star Trek - Klingon Tea Ceremony

It's a tea ceremony of a decidedly different sort and it's enacted here by Star Trek: The Next Generation's resident Klingon, Worf. For more about the ceremony - which does not use tea as we know it - look here.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Legend of Earl Grey

From the people, more on that distinguished chap who lent his name to a popular variety of tea.

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How To Read Tea Leaves: Nine Books About Tasseography

Who knew there were so many books about tasseography (tea leaf reading)? Here are nine of them, spanning nearly a century. Note that the first two are available in free electronic editions.

Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves
by a Highland Seer (1921) link

Telling Fortunes By Tea-Leaves
by Cicely Kent (1922) link

Tea Leaf Reading
by William W. Hewitt (1992)

Tea Cup Reading: A Quick and Easy Guide to Tasseography
by Sasha Fenton (2002) link

The World in Your Cup: A Handbook in the Ancient Art of Tea Leaf Reading
by Joseph F. Conroy (2006) link

The Art of Tea-leaf Reading
by Jane Struthers (2006) link

Simply Tea Leaf Reading
by Jacqueline Towers (2008) link

The Cup of Destiny
by Jane Lyle (2008) link

Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners: Your Fortune in a Tea Cup
by Caroline Dow (2011) link

Get books about tea leaf reading at Amazon

Red Rose Tea Commercial With Chimps

Chimps and tea. They go together like, monkeys and hot beverages.

Eco-Cha - Responsibly Sourced Artisan Tea. Direct from family-run farms in Taiwan.

Slow Motion Tea Time With Alan Rickman

Our most popular video post here at Tea Guy Speaks, and one that we feature from time to time, is a clip of actor Alan Rickman taking his time over a cup of tea and then doing some actorish type grimaces and gestures and whatnot. If he seems to be moving slowly do not adjust your dials. It's part of the Portraits in Dramatic Time series, by David Michalek. More at his Web site.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The McGetigans: Tea Song (Take 2)

Us McGetigans performing a slightly altered version of our Tea Song to promote Ajiri Tea, a non-profit tea company with a heart of gold. We hope that everybody will share this video and spread the word about Ajiri Tea. They are on the level and worth supporting. Buy Ajiri tea, drink Ajiri tea, share Ajiri tea, and all the while sing about Ajiri Tea. Are you making the tea??

Find out more about Ajiri Tea.

For more about the sexy McGetigans.

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The McGetigans: Tea Song

Rather a catchy number, this one. You might just end up with it stuck in your head.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Puppet Sings Everything Stops for Tea

The puppet pictured here apparently has something of an up and coming singing career, at least on YouTube. The song dates back to at least 1935, when it was performed by one Jack Buchanan. It was also recorded in 1972 on an album by Long John Baldry, on which Rod Stewart and Elton John appeared.

The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

Tea Tunes: Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Song

Yet another ditty that expounds upon the many merits of you know what.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016