Monday, July 25, 2005

Tea Review 2 - Steaz Orange

Orange Green Tea Soda
The Healthy Beverage Company

I drink tea for one reason and only one - the taste. If tea happens to have any of the magical powers attributed to it that's fine by me, but by primary concern is not for its therapeutic benefits.

On paper, the notion of a green tea soda doesn't sound too much worse than a lot of ideas, especially if it's an organic variety, with no preservatives. The makers of Steaz turn out eight of these varieties - five fruit flavors and a root beer, cola and ginger flavor. One can't help wondering if, with all the furor nowadays over the alleged health benefits of green tea, if there's not some bandwagon jumping going on here.

The Newtown, PA-based manufacturer refers to Steaz as a "revolutionary tea-soda." Well, alright. The "active" ingredients include sparkling filtered water, organic evaporated cane juice and organic Ceylon green tea, not to mention various and sundry, and presumably "all-natural," lesser ingredients.

As for the taste? Well, nothing too special to report on that count. The sweetness was just about right, but I couldn't taste the tea and the orange flavor was so subtle as to be barely detectable.

The verdict? Not so bad every now and then, if you can get it for half a buck like I did. But at full price I'm not likely to be a repeat customer.

Contents: 12 ounce bottle
I Paid: $.51 (clearance price)

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