Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tea Review 3 - Jade Cloud Green Tea

Jade Cloud Green Tea
Rishi Tea

At just a little bit over two dollars per ounce, Rishi Tea's Jade Cloud make a very nice everyday tea - and it's 100% organic, to boot.

The Milwaukee company imports this tea from China, where it is grown and where it is known as "wulu." It is harvested by hand at about one thousand meters above sea level in the Zhejiang province in southeastern China.

Jade Cloud is produced during the "first flush," another name for the first picking of the spring harvest, a time when the best teas are said to be produced.

I brewed a cup of Jade Cloud using filtered water heated as close to recommended 180 degrees as I could get without a thermometer. I steeped the loose leaves at the low end of the recommended three to four minutes. Rishi says the leaves are good for three uses but I've rarely gone past two.

Jade Cloud has kind of a "classic" green tea taste, if there is such a thing. It has a very light and subtle flavor, with a very delicate overtone of grassiness. Though I've found that it tends toward bitterness, this may be due more to a fault with my preparation methods than a problem with the tea itself.


Contents: Loose tea - 2.75 oz./78g
I paid: $7.29

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