Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mr. Quixote, I Presume

The Associated Press recently reported about a man who goes simply by the name Winter (not his given name). He is closing in on his goal of getting a caffeinated beverage at every corporate-owned Starbucks on the planet. A lawyer named Bill Tangeman, whose name is oddly similar to my own, is making a documentary film of the quest. It will be called Starbucking.

Now, I know Starbucks is associated primarily with coffee, but they do sell tea and they do own the Tazo brand, so that makes this news relevant enough to include on my tea page.

Anyway, Winter, who must be really bored, is closing in on five thousand Starbucks, with about eight hundred more to go. The 33 year old, who lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, began his quest in 1997. On his best day thus far, he visited 29 Starbucks. This would be a pretty impressive feat, if it weren't sort of meaningless.

If you feel some perverse need to keep informed regarding this adventure, you'll want to bookmark Winter's Web site.

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