Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tea Review 13 - Adagio Mambo

Adagio Teas

My dancing style has been described as something along the lines of "drunken fat man with wooden leg and a bucket stuck on his head falling down the stairs." And yet I've been doing the Mambo like a sonofabitch lately. The Mambo, in this case, is not a dance - fortunately - but rather a black tea that makes me want to get up and do a jig.

To paraphrase the old saw about art, "I don't know about Mambo, but I know what I like." Which is kind of an awkward way of saying that since I'm not a tea expert, I may lack the impressively hoity-toity vocabulary to express what is wonderful about this blend. But I like it.

Adagio describes Mambo as having "smoky highlights and flavorfully rich body." A big amen to the latter and, in the case of the former, there's just a hint of smoke, at least to my taste buds. That's a huge plus in my book since the Lapsang Souchongs and other smoky teas are among the few types I most definitely don't like. Lapsang Souchong, to me, tastes kind of like a liquid version of Lebanon bologna, which is a reference that may leave you saying "huh?," unless you hail from the same region of central Pennsylvania that I came from.

Anyway, Mambo is a mix of Yunnan and Wuyi Chinese black and is well worth your while. It's offered in four sizes, ranging from a nifty little sample size tin that makes about ten cups and goes for two bucks all the way up to the full one-pounder, for nineteen dollars.

Contents: sample tin
I paid: na

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