Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tea Review 16 - Stash Mango Passionfruit

Mango Passionfruit Herbal Tea
Stash Tea

I probably wouldn't know a passionfruit if one fell on my head. I've had a little more experience with mango, but not much.

The odd thing about Stash's Mango Passionfruit is that "natural mango and natural passionfruit flavors" are at the bottom of the ingredients list. I found that odd, anyway. Maybe you won't.

Comprising the rest of the mix are pretty much the usual suspects - orange peel, safflower, lemongrass, citric acid and licorice powder. Oh, and did I mention that it contains rosehips and hibiscus? But you knew that. After all, it's the law. I don’t know exactly what either of these substances are, but I'd guess that somewhere in this great big world they make a pretty good living growing rosehips and hibiscus for the herbal tea crowd.

Anyway, this one's not bad. I steeped it for the full five minutes and proceeded to taste. A bit on the bland and undistinguished side, but maybe that's what passionfruit tastes like. I have no idea.

This is another variety that would probably work best blended into an iced tea with something that has a little more flavor. Recommended, with that caveat.

Contents: 20 bag per box
I paid: $2.99

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