Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tea Review 8 - Kalahari Red

Kalahari Red Tea
Kalahari Limited

As far as I can tell, rooibos tea is pretty much rooibos tea, no matter who makes it. At least that's been my experience so far, just going on the evidence provided to me by my taste buds. Perhaps, upon further investigation, I'll find that there are high grades of rooibos and crappier grades. That research will have to wait for now.

The last rooibos I reviewed was from Twinings. Kalahari, which calls itself a "premium South African rooibos herb tea," does not taste noticeably different, though ideally, I should have done a side by side taste test. Kalahari also bills itself as "the original pure rooibos." The box offers no explanation for this claim, though it does point out that the "tea" is made using only the tips of the plants. So maybe there's something to the company's claim that it's a premium variety.

Founded by a Californian and a South African, Kalahari is distributed on these shores from a base in Atlanta, Georgia. I brewed a cup using almost boiling water and steeped it for about five minutes. Color and taste were about the same as any other rooibos I've sampled, but again, a side by side taste test might provide more accurate results.

Recommended, as are any of the rooibos brands I've tried thus far.

Contents: 20 tea bags in a box.
I paid: $2.79

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