Friday, September 09, 2005

Product Review - Adagio ingenuiTEA

Adagio Teas

If you've been reading my ravings for a while, then you know I pretty much calls 'em as I sees 'em. If I don't like a tea or tea-related product I say so. Even if someone has sent me a tea or other product to try out, as Adagio was kind enough to do recently with some sample teas and a nifty gadget they've dubbed the ingenuiTEA.

To be quite honest, I was ready not to like the ingenuiTEA, even though it sounded like a keen enough gadget. The problem with some gadgets that are supposed to be convenient is that they turn out to be...well, kind of inconvenient. But not so with the ingenuiTEA. I'm happy to report that it's "slicker than shit," to borrow one of my grandfather's favorite phrases.

So just what is the ingenuiTEA? Well, it doesn't look like much, pretty much like a sixteen ounce plastic pitcher with a lid, though the design is rather aesthetically pleasing.

The way the ingenuiTEA works is like this. Load it with an appropriate amount of loose tea, add hot water and let the lid drop until it's done steeping. Now here's where it gets good, though watching the tea leaves floating freely and infusing the water with a pleasing color was pretty good for starters.

When the tea is ready, place the ingenuiTEA on your cup. A thin stream of brewed tea shoots out of the filter bottom and into the cup. This is a really, really cool thing to watch, by the way, but maybe it's just me.

Anyway, if you've made enough tea for one cup, you're done. If you've made enough for two, lift the ingenuiTEA from your cup. The flow instantly stops and you can repeat the "pouring" process again.

Pretty nifty and, to use another of my grandfather's phrases, "what'll they think of next?"

The ingenuiTEA is available at Adagio's Web site for $15 or in a gift set with four one-ounce sample tins of tea for $19.


Ryan Dotson said...

Am I correct to assume that the ingenuiTEA only fits certain sizes of cups? I would love to use it on my favourite 16oz. wide mug.

Regardless, sounds nifty! Thanks for the review!

muriel said...

how would you compare it to the Teavana tea maker? which one would u buy?

Mithril Mayhem said...

I've had one for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it.
So convenient for the single serve, very easy to clean and perfect size for a large mug.
It does look pretty awesome as the tea is brewing but even better is the catch at the bottom, no drips or leaking when you lift it.
Shipping through Adagio to Australia is a rip off but luckily Think Geek stocks them :)