Friday, September 02, 2005

Tea Review 17 - Adagio Jasmine 12

Adagio Jasmine Suite 12
Adagio Teas

It would probably be uncouth of me to point out that Adagio's Jasmine 12 looks kind of like rabbit pellets and it might even elicit a visit from the gourmet tea police, so I'll refrain.

Jasmine 12 is one of three jasmine-flavored oolong teas currently in Adagio's inventory. I'm assuming that nine others have either fallen by the wayside or are yet to come, but I could be wrong.

Jasmine Suite 5 is made using Chun Hao grade tea, while 9 uses "the finest grade Yin Hao tea." At the top of this modest heap is Jasmine Suite 12, which uses a Dragon Pearl Phoenix oolong grown in the Fujian province of China. At five dollars for a 10-cup sample or $23 for a five-ounce package, this is some fairly serious stuff.

One of the best things about Jasmine 12 is the little show it puts on for you as it brews. The pearls, each of which contains two leaves and an unopened bud, are quite a lot of fun to watch as they slowly unfold in the hot water. Just be sure to give them plenty of room to unfold. I used an "in the cup" strainer the first time around, but the next time I go much better results putting the pearls and water in a covered Pyrex measuring cup.

As for the taste? Well, I'm not a huge fan of jasmine tea, but even I'll admit that Jasmine 12 is something pretty nifty. Now if they could just come up with a name that's a little more on the poetic side.

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