Friday, September 16, 2005

Tea Review 21 - Dragonwell Requiem

Dragonwell Requiem
Adagio Teas

I recently found myself in the enviable position of having a number of quite fine, high quality green teas in the cupboard, but during this time I found myself returning to Adagio's Dragonwell Requiem and, in fact, that's the one I ran out of first.

To put it as eloquently as I can, Dragonwell Requiem kicks ass. Now I know that's not the kind of high falutin' language and reserved professional demeanor that's going to land me a job as a tea taster, but that friends, is the way it is.

Everything about Dragonwell Requiem is an outstanding green tea experience, from stuffing your nose in the tin and wallowing in that incredible fragrance to shaking out the thin, flat and rather bright green leaves and then, of course, the best part - drinking it. Adagio describes Dragonwell Requiem as a "First Grade" version of the tea and further describes it as "refreshingly smooth, sweet and delicate."

Hey, I'll buy that and I would add that it's rather forgiving to blundering lunkheads like yours truly who tend to overhead the water or steep the leaves too long. You can coax some bitterness out of this one, but you have to work at it a little harder than you do with most green teas.

Adagio makes Dragonwell Requiem available in the usual array of sizes from sample ($3) to one pound ($33) and you can even obtain it in a package of 25 gourmet bags ($10), should you so desire.

Highly recommended.

Contents: sample tin
I paid: na

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