Monday, September 26, 2005

Tea Review 22 - Peach Paradise

Peach Paradise
London Fruit and Herb

With only a few exceptions, I can safely say that I'm not that fond of flavored teas, most of which seem to be modified using fruit flavors. As for fruit flavored herbal teas, they don't really do much for me either.

The notable exception these days is peach. As I've mentioned before, in these very same pages, Good Earth makes a passably good black tea flavored with peach. There are also some decent peach herbal varieties, including Peach Paradise, from London Fruit and Herb Co.

Peach tea really shines, in my opinion, when it's blended with something with a more low key flavor to make an iced tea. I like two parts rooibos and two parts peach, with maybe a few pinches of a good loose green tea or some yerba mate tossed in for effect. And though I'm not real keen on fruit teas served hot, peach, once again, is the exception to the rule.

The ingredients list for Peach Paradise is an odd one. The first ingredient is apple pulp, which makes perfect sense to me (?). Next on the list are blackberry leaves, the ubiquitous hibiscus (trying saying that three times fast), the mysterious "flavourings," roasted chicory root, malic and citric acid, the also ubiquitous rosehips, peach juice (2.1%), lemongrass and peach flakes (1%).

I brewed a cup of hot Peach Paradise, using nearly boiling water. I steeped for more than the recommended time, as I often do with herbal teas, using the rule of thumb that stronger is generally better. Well, maybe that rule doesn't apply in this case, as the result was distinctly tangy. Since it was my last bag, I couldn't really verify whether this was caused by over steeping. Said theory will have to wait.

Recommended, even so, especially for iced tea.

Contents: 20 tea bags
I paid: $2.29

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