Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mudob? Bodum?

Bodum USA

Some time back, when I was still gainfully employed, I went together with that rarest of beings, a tea-drinking coworker, to buy a set of tea glasses. I was a bit disappointed to find that they were these little frail things, but over time I grew to like them and was even distressed when one took a flying leap from a kitchen cabinet and did itself in.

Until recently - yesterday, actually - I though the cups were made by a company named Mudob. It was only when I went to the Bodum Web site and saw the glasses (Sumatra) listed that I realized that I'd been reading from the wrong side of the glass.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this gripping anecdote as much as I've enjoyed relating it. The point of all this is that you should check out Bodum's Web site. They have some great stuff there for tea drinkers - cups, pots and the like. There's also a bunch of coffee gear too, but whoop dee doo. Coffee, schmoffee.

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