Monday, October 10, 2005

Pure Inventions Green Tea

I've said it before and I'll probably say it many more times. I don't particularly give a rat's ass about the assorted and sundry health benefits of tea, some of which I elaborated upon in this previous posting. While it's a nice fringe benefit, I'd still be an avid tea drinker even if there were no benefits and, as a matter of fact, since I have a bit of a sensitivity to caffeine I generally feel rather shabby after drinking tea. Don't weep too copiously for me, though. I can take it.

I'm working my way around to a point here and that is that I drink tea, like so many people, because I like tea and I like the entire experience of tea drinking. The notion of getting my tea in a pill or a eye dropper doesn't get me excited.

For those of you who might be interested in getting your tea from an eye dropper, there's Pure Invention's line of flavored tea extracts - six in all. I'll go so far as to say that this sort of thing isn't my cup of tea, but perhaps it would be yours. So here you go.

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Wendy said...

Your comments are fair, given that you favor tea as an experience rather than a benefit. But, assuming Pure Invention's extracts are what they claim, those of us who don't "get into" the experience of brewing and savoring tea, but who want both the health benefits as well as the convenience of not needing a source of hot water or ice or even the time to make it, Pure Invention's extracts are perfect - and this is from someone who is as cheap as they are lazy! I love the idea that I can keep the dropper in my purse and no matter where I am (doctor's office with a water cooler handy, a road trip with bottled water in the car, at work with choice of hot or cold water provided), I can have my recommended alotment of green tea without much fuss or fanfare. I don't need refrigeration, I don't need a lot of space in which to store it, and each dropperful is the equivalent of 16 glasses of green tea in antioxident value. Recommendations of one pint per day for women are easily met with half a dropper full, meaning the dosages can last four months rather than two, if taken daily. But, this would prove quite costly if you drink tea for the taste and experience since each two ounce bottle costs $30 (give or take). However, I plan to limit my intake to the recommended one pint equivalent, so I don't feel at all that I've overspent. Yesterday was my first time to taste it, and the flavor was light and slightly sweet, and didn't overpower the water or leave any aftertaste. For me, it was a workable solution to a decision to increase my green tea intake without breaking my budget.