Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sample Packaging Awards

Well, not really. Just a few thoughts on the packaging of tea samples.

I've already confessed my fondness for reasonably priced sample packets. Among the tea merchants who offer these are Upton, Adagio and Alltea.

Upton's samples come in a grey foil/plastic packet that's constructed so that it stands by itself. It's a little larger than a playing card.

Alltea uses a similar material, but in a longer, thinner shape and in a nice copper color. This one also stands up, but on it's side.

But for my money Adagio takes the cake with its mini sample size tea tins. They're resealable, reusable and all around wunnerful. Yes, they probably cut into Adagio's bottom line more deeply but they lend the proceedings a touch of class and I hereby declare them to be a very good thing.

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