Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sample Tea Tins

A few days ago I held forth on the subject of sample size packaging and inflicted my opinion that Adagio's sample tins were a good thing. As nearly as I can tell Adagio does not sell just the tins, though there are worse things than having to buy their tea in order to get a tin.

However, in browsing Adagio's forums, I found a link to a site where you can order just the tins.


Tana Butler said...

Hi, Tea Guy. I just found your blog from FoodPornWatch. I have my own Adagio tins, and I was wishing they would sell refills without the tins, which would be better environmentally.

I am in love with the apricot tea: the first apricot tea I ever had came at the end of a dazzling evening of great conversation with a young man I fell in love with on the spot. He went and got married the next month. Bad timing...and then the marriage was bad, and he died young. But hey, I got turned on to apricot tea.

I also like their mango tea, and the Yunnan Jig. I ordered Earl Grey but have decided it's better with a salty/savory breakfast than just for sipping at my desk.

Thanks for blogging. I'll be back.

William I. Lengeman III said...

Adagio makes a nice peach-flavored black tea and Tempest Tea makes White Snow with Apricot, which I reviewed not so long ago. Worth a try.