Friday, November 04, 2005

Tea Guy Rambles I - The Long Tealess Road

Tea on the road is a dicey thing, at best. I knew that. But the fact was reinforced last Saturday when I left Arizona, on a five-day jaunt to Pennsylvania.

Saturday dawned and all of our worldly goods were packed up and ready to go. Cleverly, I'd remembered to leave the tea kettle out until the last minute. One does have one's priorities, after all. Also on hand were some of Adagio Tea's quite fine gourmet tea bags.

I fortified myself with two cups of the very robust Golden Yunnan (black tea - sorry if it's confusing), paused briefly to howl and thump my chest and then set out for a day and a half stretch with no tea. Gasp. Yes, that's right - 36 hours with no tea.

Now, it's not like I couldn't have found tea along the way. I'm sure if I'd looked hard enough I could have even managed to find a c***** merchant who stocked something passably drinkable. But since I'd set a first day goal for myself of more than 700 miles that didn't leave much time for exploring.

Of course, I'm sure I could probably have rustled up some rotgut cheapo crap in a convenience store somewhere along my route. But when it comes right down to it, why bother? After all, cheap tea is not much better than no tea at all - and maybe even worse.

But the compensation of rambling through southeastern Arizona and a good chunk of the great state of New Mexico helped to ease my tealess state and after what seemed like an eternity of driving at finally arrived at my first day's destination - Amarillo, Texas.


Tana Butler said...

Howdy, Tea Guy. Seen this?

Tea making machine from the 19th century

William I. Lengeman III said...

Rube Goldberg would have been proud.