Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tea Guy Rambles II - Tea At Last

All hail the utiliTEA and gourmet tea bags - mankind's great hope for a decent cup of tea on the road.

Knowing that pickings would be slim once I hit the road Jack, I planned ahead and packed a utiliTEA - a "variable temperature kettle" from Adagio Teas, along with an assortment of their gourmet tea bags. Oh, and one of Adagio's thirteen ounce glass mugs - hardly would do to go to all that trouble and then be forced to drink from styrofoam.

I woke Sunday morning in Amarillo, feeling more than a little bit discombobulated after twelve hours of driving the day before. But with another 600 miles to go until Little Rock I figured I'd better not dilly dally with making tea. It was time to hit the road.

Six hundred miles later, at around nine o'clock that night, I finally rolled into Little Rock, where I determined that I was having tea, damn it, even if it kept me up all night.

Out came the utiliTEA, a quite marvelous and excruciatingly simple gadget - and convenient as all get out too. A few minutes later and I was sipping some fine Dragonwell from one of Adagio's gourmet tea bags, quivering with delight at the notion of consuming good tea on the road with a minimum of fuss and muss.

And I slept quite well, thank you for asking.

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