Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tea Guy's Top Teas of 2005

I find end of year "best of" lists tedious at best and excruciating at worst and yet, for some reason, I feel compelled to weigh in with one of my own. It's about tea. Who would have guessed?

Here, with not much further ado, are my top picks from among the many teas I've tasted this year. I've also listed my pick for worst of the year. I was thinking of calling this the Rather Drink My Own Urine Award, but as you know I've got way too much class to stoop that low.

Best Black Tea
Ghoom Darjeeling (
Mambo (Adagio)

Best Green Tea
Dragonwell Requiem (Adagio)
Uji Green (

Best Bottled Tea Product
Rooibos Red Peach (Kombucha Wonder Drink)

Worst Tea
Green Tea To Go (Lipton)

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