Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bonkers, Nicotea & Tea Cola

A few items from the odds and ends file.

Bonkers International makes a line of seven "functional" teas that includes Super Skinny Lemon Peppermint, Brain Boost and Rejuvenate. They are made with various teas and herbals - including black, green, yerba mate and rooibos - and assorted and sundry other ingredients.

The next time you find yourself in circumstances where smoking isn't an option you might want to give Nicotea a whirl. The "world's first cigarette replacement drink" comes in mango and peach flavors. Hard to tell if there's any actual tea involved, but I'm guessing not.

Here's an article on an Indian effort to develop a tea cola that uses Assam tea. Tea sodas are not a new thing, by the way. I reviewed Steaz Lemon Dew here and that review contains links to my other reviews of their root beer and key lime flavors.

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