Monday, January 16, 2006

Tea Review 48 - Inko's Honeydew & Honeysuckle

Inko's White Tea Honeydew
Inko's White Tea Honeysuckle
Inko's White Tea

Honeydew flavored white tea is a flaky concept, but it's flaky enough that it sounded kind of appealing to me. And what do you know? It works.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this blend is that the honeydew tastes like actual honeydew, rather than some chemist's half-assed notion of what it should taste like. There's also ginger, citric acid and fructose crystals in the mix, but all I really tasted was the honeydew and the tea. Very nice.

Honeysuckle lacks the sweetener and ginger and has a very, very understated taste, kind of along the lines of Inko's mint blend, but even more low-key. My clunky palate could only pick out the faintest of floral undertones (or is that overtones?) but that's not a bad thing, mind you. Just don't go into this one expecting the typical bottled tea explosion of coarse flavors and cloying sweetness.

Highly recommended on both counts. I'm not generally too keen on sweetened teas but I'd have to give the nod to honeydew this time around.

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