Monday, January 02, 2006

Tea with George and His Aardvarks

I ran across an odd Web site the other day and decided that it was sufficiently odd that I should share it with you, dear readers.

Tea with George and His Aardvarks is...well...umm. Let me quote from George's description of himself, by way of giving you some idea what to expect - "George is a Tea drinking Aardvark lover who dearly wants to be Clint Eastwood, but is instead a delicate little englishman with bad glasses. He dreams of going horseriding on the plains of Arizona but always ends up taking the number 73 bus to one of London's superb Curry Houses, and having a right royal blowout."

So there you have it. If you're really hard pressed for entertainment, be sure to check out the four-second movie of someone - we'll assume it's George and not one of the aardvarks - pouring tea. Absolutely riveting.

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