Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jerry Tea

Tea Guy's never been much of a Grateful Dead fan, though you have to admire them for treading their own unique path and still making something of themselves. Or whatever.

But what's any of this prattle have to do with tea, you ask? Glad you mentioned it. Republic of Tea is now offering a J. Garcia line of artisan teas. Garcia's artwork will grace the packaging and a portion of the proceeds goes to help homeless children.

The J. Garcia line consists of five teas. Morning Brew Tea is "a classic organic black tea from the cloud-shrouded organic tea estates of Southern India." Jerry Cherry Tea is black tea flavored with cherry and vanilla. Shady Grown Tea is a blend of yerba mate, rooibos ("an antioxidant wonder herb"), cinnamon and vanilla. Spirit of Sage Tea is a mix of organic green and sage and Magic Herb Tea (insert your own "herb" joke here) is a caffeine-free mix of orange, peppermint and whatnot.

For more information, check out this article in the San Jose Mercury News. Or head to Republic of Tea's site and click What's New.

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