Monday, February 06, 2006

Tea And Biscuits, Tea In Biscuits

Sometimes I fail to see the point. Take this article from Reuters about a recent research project in India, for example. It's not a long article, but to summarize very briefly this particular pack of scientists are making biscuits (I think that's cookies, to the rest of us) that contain the essential ingredients of tea.

So, as I said, sometimes I fail to see the point. I guess it would have helped if the article had been a bit more clear about that part. It implies that this will be a health benefit and perhaps a convenience, but maybe it's really just a way for India to unload more tea in a tough market. Of course, if people stop drinking tea and eat it in cookies instead...

Whatever the point of all this may actually be, I don't see myself substituting a cookie for a cup of tea any time soon. Thank you for listening.

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