Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tea & Health - Again

There it is again, the "H" word. There seems to be a notion nowadays that tea is a magic elixir that will cause you to cast aside your crutches and frolic after the first sip - and you'll live to be 142 years old as well.

I don't doubt that tea has many health benefits but if you believe some of the claims coming out these days get in touch with me - I'll make you a nice deal on some Florida real estate.

Here are some of the many, many, many "tea as elixir" stories making the rounds lately.

From my old hometown paper - Tucson's Arizona Daily Star - comes a report on the wonders of green tea toothpaste. No kidding.

If you're troubled by the malaise of cognitive impairment read this article from South Africa's Independent on how green tea may help. If you have no idea what cognitive impairment is (or if you're suffering from it), this rather dense and technical summary of the same story may not be of much use to you.

On the flip side of the health thing is a report about how green tea might actually damage your liver. Hold on - don't put down your cup yet. We're talking about concentrated doses of green tea extracts here, friends.

Here's another example of how tea can harm you. Okay, not exactly, or at least only in a very roundabout way. Well, just read the article.

Last but not least - and not really having anything to do with tea (sorry) - is a report on ice cubes in fast food restaurants and toilet water. Want to take bets on which is cleaner?

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Jake Scorpio said...

I recently discovered that coca tea also has many health benefits and is used for its circulatory, anti-fatigue and calming qualities and is a great caffeine-free substitute for coffee. I ran across a site that gives out free samples - perutea.com. Just got my free sample the other day and can't believe how drinking it brings me back to the memories of my trip to South America.