Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Assam & Norway

No obvious connection between these two parts of the world, or none that I'm aware of. Just two short bits here that I thought I'd combine into one entry.

Assam Month is winding down, but it's not dead yet. If you head over to the Dooyoo site, which is apparently a British consumer reviews type resource, you'll find 19 varieties of Assam and related teas listed, many with reviews. I don't recognize some of the names so I'm gathering it's not all stuff that's readily available on these shores.

As for the Norwegians, a piece came out yesterday in Aftenposten, an Oslo newspaper, asserting that Norwegians are "tops in tea-drinking." The article doesn't exactly provide all the figures to support such a claim, but perhaps I'm missing the point. Anyway, tea is quite the popular beverage in Norway, so let's not quibble over such details.

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