Friday, March 03, 2006

Tea Review 54 - Decaffeinated Assam

Decaffeinated Assam
Upton Tea Imports

My one-word review of this tea - nasty.

My two-word review of this tea - colored water.

Okay, you get the point.

When I'm reviewing tea I generally try to accentuate the positive and not engage in the "bashing as entertainment" style of reviewing that seems to have its fair share of adherents. But this is just not a very good tea and there's no way around it.

That's too bad, really, because I wanted to like it and I wanted it to be wonderful and and I wanted it to be that elusive tea that has all the flavor of a great Assam without any of the caffeine that inevitably leaves me with that pummeled feeling. But friends, this ain't the one.

I'm beginning to suspect that there really is no way to get the caffeine out of tea without taking with it a substantial chunk of the flavor, but if you have information to the contrary or if you have a recommendation, please do tell.

As for this one, I'm sorry to have to give it a "not recommended."

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