Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tea Review 56 - Adagio Osmanthus

Osmanthus Herbal Tea
Adagio Teas

Confession time. Here I am, not even a third of the way into Assam Month and already I'm starting to feel distinctly twitchy. As I've mentioned before, I don't do caffeine so well. Which kind of sucks when tea is really your only vice, but oh well.

Which is not to suggest that I don't like my Assam, because I certainly do. But it was time to strike a little balance, I thought, and so why not do it with Osmanthus, an herbal selection from Adagio?

Osmanthus comes in Adagio's pyramid-shaped tea bags, which are good for a large cup or a small pot of tea and are packaged 15 to a box. The tea brews up to a nice pale golden hue with a very distinctive aroma that I still can't quite pin down - I guess you could call it a little bit floral and a little bit weedy.

As for the taste, that one's kind of tricky too. I think the closest reference point for me would be lemongrass, though with a more subtle flavor.

Recommended to anyone who wants an herbal beverage that's a little offbeat and on the low key side.

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