Saturday, March 04, 2006

USA Today Does Yerba Mate

Since we've already done today's Assam Month feature I'm going to break away from the theme for a moment. Yerba mate - the so-called "popular health drink" recently made it to the big time in none other than America's most widely read newspaper - USA Today. Apparently it's been named one of the "top five food trends for 2006." So if that sort of thing is important to you be sure to get on board now. Read the article here.

There's also a sidebar piece on the health benefits of yerba mate, for as you and I know Americans can't drink or eat anything nowadays unless it has health benefits. Good lord.

For some additional perspective on yerba mate let me refer you back to my article on the very same topic, as it appeared in the pages of the not quite so widely read site, Epicurean Online.

And, as mentioned in these pages previously, here's an article in which London's Independent also "discovers" yerba mate.

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