Thursday, April 27, 2006

$39,000 Foot Cream

Actually it's $39,302.54 foot cream, to be perfectly precise, but it's not quite as exciting as it sounds. The other day I was doing some research on tea products when I ran across something called Artemis Woman Topaz Foot Butter. It was selling for $39,302.54 at an online outlet called Value Nutrition Store. This is quite a bargain actually, since the regular price is $67,763.00. Check it out here.

At first I thought it might be for real, especially since it contained "finely ground Topaz gemstone crystals". It also contains bergamot and tea tree oil, which is what brought it to my attention in the first place. Sounds like great stuff, I guess, if you want your feet to smell like Earl Grey tea, but I digress.

Alas, this whopping price is apparently a misprint. The manufacturer of this substance sells the very same product for $24.99. For the big savings, go here.

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