Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Boston Tea Campaign

The other day I caught a few seconds of Billy Crystal on TV blabbing about a children's book he'd written. It's always kind of bugged me when actors and other entertainers play on their celebrity to move into areas where they may or may not be so talented.

I like the notion of finding what you do well and sticking with that. I'm also fond of companies who find a really narrow niche, excel at that and do nothing else. A little while back I wrote about a few tea companies that occupy such a niche. One sells only Darjeeling tea and another only Japanese greens. I also mentioned an Australian company that specializes in oolong.

To this list let's add Boston Tea Campaign, an offshoot of a German company called Teekampagne. The latter is said to be the largest single importer of Darjeeling loose tea and they claim to offer "top-quality Darjeeling teas at unbeatable prices". Which sounds good to me.

Check out their Web site and see what you think. Even if you don't end up buying, there's a lot of interesting info, including a list of tea museums, an extensive tea bibliography and even a few ebooks on tea topics.

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