Saturday, April 22, 2006

Britain's Best Tea

Where's the best place in London to go for afternoon tea? How about the best place in all of Britain? If the U.K. Tea Council has any say in the matter, then the answers are Claridge's and Hazelmere Café & Bakery, in Cumbria.

For more info about the London award, see the Council's news release here. The release announcing the overall award is located here. Don't forget to look at the Council's home page, by the way. It has this nifty gizmo that supposedly shows how many cups of tea the British drink in the course of a day.

As for the best place in India to go for tea, that's anyone's guess. Some might suggest Calcutta's Subodh Brothers, who were recently profiled in the Calcutta Telegraph. Read that article here.

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