Saturday, April 22, 2006

Celebrities Drink Yerba Mate

Or so a recent article from the Columbus Dispatch would have us believe - and it's actually not the first yerba mate article to drop this particular bunch of names. The celebs in question are Matt Dillon, Madonna, Viggo Mortensen and Alicia Silverstone, who are all credited with raising the profile of yerba mate.

The rest of the article is pretty much the standard Yerba Mate 101 type piece, but with this still being Yerba Mate Month here at TGS I thought it was worth mentioning. It's especially interesting to note that yerba mate seems to be pretty readily available around the Columbus area. I don't think we can boast such a degree of availability in my part of central Pennsylvania, but it might be that I just haven't looked hard enough.

Here's the full article, if you're keen to take a look.

Here's a short article that the Dispatch ran the same day, which has even more of a Yerba Mate 101 feel to it.

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