Monday, April 10, 2006

Earl Grey Farmers

Okay, bit of an oversimplification there. But the BBC News ran an interesting piece last week on bergamot growers in the Calabria region of Italy. If bergamot isn't ringing any bells then you're probably not an Early Grey drinker, for it's the essence of this citrus fruit that gives this particular flavored tea it's distinctive taste.

In addition to being used in tea, bergamot is also used in perfumes, though in recent times it has tended to be replaced by synthesized versions of the real thing. But if Calabria's bergamot growers have anything to say in the matter that will change.

Read the article here.

For a site that features a big heap of reviews of Earl Grey teas and more, refer back to my earlier post on the subject. Also check out this brief bit on some possible health risks from consuming too much Earl Grey.

Who was Earl Grey? Look here.

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