Monday, April 17, 2006

Free Tea Books

A few days ago I wrote about Boston Tea Campaign, an offshoot of a German company who specialize in selling Darjeeling tea. I also mentioned that they have a rather informative Web site that includes an impressive bibliography.

I was looking over this last item again and I thought it was worth another mention. There's quite a big list of books in English and, if you're a German speaker - or at least a reader - there's another sizable list of those.

Best of all is that you can actually access five free tea books in electronic form. There's The Story of the Tea Leaf, by Montfort Chamney; Yasunoke Fukukita's 1937 work Tea Cult of Japan; The Tea Tavern, by Peter Macrae; David R. McGregor's The Tea Clippers and Kakuzo Okakura's classic Book of Tea.

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frankatca said...

If you've not read Macrae's diary entries on his pre-WW-II experience operating THE TEA TAVERN, hike on over to and have a look, or download it. Charming, post-Edwardian England at its very best.