Friday, April 14, 2006

Gadgets - Sunbeam Tea Drop

Earlier this week, I mentioned a few noteworthy tea-making gizmos - Tea Spot's Tea Maestro and Adagio's triniTEA. Next up on the list is Sunbeam's Tea Drop. Once again, I should mention that I haven't had a chance yet to take this one out and kick the tires.

Tea Drop, as you can see, looks pretty much like a drip-type coffeemaker. Apparently you load bagged or loose tea into a basket in the top and fill the reservoir with up to 28 ounces of water. Set the "brew strength" setting, which actually controls how long the steep time is.

The tea, of course, runs down into the carafe, which sits on a warming plate. Which all sounds well and good to me, with the possible exception of water temperature. While the brewing strength/time setting is useful, obviously something has to give way here. Either the Tea Drop brews with boiling water, in which case your green tea is going to suffer or it uses not quite boiling water, which is not adequate for the majority of black teas.

Or so it would seem. As I said, I haven't actually used this one, so I shouldn't make any real firm conclusions.

Tea Drop is available in two models. It appears that all the pricier one has over the other model is "Brushed Chrome Accents", but I may be missing something.

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