Saturday, April 15, 2006

Green Tea Chewing Gum

Yes, green tea chewing gum. Who knew? According to my brief and informal research project there are at least three varieties of this product on the market and I'm betting I've missed some others.

From the claims put forth by the makers of these goodies, I'm gathering that they're not targeting tea fans, but rather are zeroing in on those who want to shed pounds. Pretty tough to go broke if you're focusing on that market.

Here's a Chinese company that makes a product called Tearrow Green Tea Chewing gum. More info here.

Nutrisystem makes something called T-Green Gum, which comes in a package of 60 and "is a fun way to get the benefits of green tea extract, without having to drink tea all day long". Hmmm.

Nutrisystem also makes T-Green Mints. Maybe that's for those who don't want to have drink green tea or trouble their jaws with the dreadfully inconvenient act of chewing. Here's an report on the latter product from a Philadelphia-area TV station.

Then there's Mega-T Green Tea Chewing Gum. I didn't manage to locate their Web site, but you can check them out here at Amazon. Here's a little snippet from their product description - "Unlike brewed green tea, there's no water, no wait, no bitter taste". Alright then.

For a tea-related treat that doesn't really make any claims regarding health or weight loss (now that's refreshing) check out these Tea Candy Lollipops from Verithe.

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Candy Guy said...

There are a bunch of green tea candies/snacks. I have some green tea gum and some green tea caramels right now and I think i have some green tea gum.
I wrote a review of Green Tea MeltyKiss


William I. Lengeman III said...

Candy Guy, thanks for stopping by. I've seen your site before. Great stuff.