Sunday, April 09, 2006

Green Tea Truffles

Got a hankering for green tea truffles? No problem.

If you're in Manhattan, head to East 43rd Street and Sakagura, which specializes in "sake and authentic Japanese cuisine". Their dessert menu offers Green Tea Truffles, as well as something called Black Sesame Cream Burly. Oh, and their sake cellar boasts about 200 varieties, if you find that you're feeling a bit parched.

If the Big Apple's out of your range, you're still in luck. Bissinger's, a Missouri-based confectioner, also offers green tea truffles. While yours truly hasn't had a chance to sample one, they do get points for looking nice. Have a glimpse right here.

If you'd rather take a shot at making your own green tea truffles, you might want to try out this recipe from Recipezaar. It only uses four ingredients and the process looks to be relatively simple. One also suspects that you could safely substitute for the decaf green tea bags, perhaps with a green tea that's a little more upscale.

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