Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Elephant & Brewhaha

No particular reason for mentioning either of these two companies except that I liked their choice of names.

I wasn't able to find a Web site for Happy Elephant Tea, but according to this page at Soft Surroundings they distribute black, flavored black and green and Indian herbal teas, all in high-quality nylon infuser bags.

But my vote for best name goes to Brewhaha Tea, who are based in Glasgow, Scotland. They make a line of nine varieties that are blended from finest Sri Lankan tea. The flavors - All Day Tea, Earl Grey, Rose, Christmas, Ginger & Lemon, Green, Caffeine Free All Day Tea, Loose leaf and "Brews the Daddy".

As their Web site notes, "Brewhaha is stocked in luxury store and fantastic produce stores throughout Britain and Europe". If you're over on this side of the Atlantic and you really want to get some it looks like they can probably accommodate you.

Image: Brewhaha

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