Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hot Pepper Green Tea Nasal Spray

The weight loss industry seems to spawn an inordinate number of unusual notions. Nothing new there. But is there anyone so desperate to lose weight that they'd resort to squirting hot peppers up their nose? I guess we'll see.

What's this got to do with tea? Glad you asked. Apparently SiCap Industries, the "company famous for inventing the world's first hot pepper nasal spray" is gearing up to release "the world's first weight control nasal spray also made with natural pepper extracts". This elixir also contains licorice root, green tea and grapefruit seed extracts.

The way Sinus Buster Weight Control Formula works, according to its makers, is by the capseicin in the peppers acting as an appetite suppressant, not to mention the licorice regulating blood sugar levels and the green tea giving your metabolism a "jumpstart". No word on what the grapefruit seed extract does.

Which makes sense, in a warped sort of way. I'm thinking that if I took a good snort of hot peppers up into the old sinus cavities the last thing I'd want to do is eat something.

I think the real trick though - and those of you with delicate sensibilities should not read any further - would be to squirt some up your ass. Just think about how many calories you'd burn while you're running around the room screaming and rubbing your big old butt on the carpet.

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