Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sweet Tea & Ugly Mugs

Here are a few more bits that weren't substantial enough to stand on their own.

Sweet tea is apparently quite an institution in the South. Harris Blackwood wrote an ode to it recently in the Gainesville Times, calling it the "nectar of the South" and shuddering in horror because a local country club doesn't serve it. Over at Bella Online, Deborah Crawford also waxes rhapsodic about this alleged delight and even offers up a recipe. It's not one Tea Guy will be using any time soon but, as I've said before - we all like what we like.

For a gander at some truly ghastly tea mugs, brace yourself and head on over to The Tea Smith's site. They sponsored an Ugly Mug Contest not so long ago and posted photos of some of the winners here. This is not for the faint hearted, friends. You've been warned.

For a shot of some rather less ugly mugs head on over to Cinematical and check out this still, from Giant, of James Dean serving tea to Elizabeth Taylor. I'd have saved you a click by posting it here, but I didn't want to get my knuckles rapped for copyright violations and whatnot.

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