Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tea Review 67 - Anteadote Jasmine

Anteadote Pure Jasmine Tea
Adagio Teas

A while back I finally made my peace with jasmine tea, but it's still not one of the first things I'd reach for if confronted with a variety of teas.

But, having sampled Adagio's Pure Jasmine Tea, I've now realized that jasmine tea is a dish - ummm - best served cold, or at least that's what works best for me.

Like Anteadote's other three bottled teas (black, green, white) jasmine is an exercise in minimalism. It contains only three ingredients - tea, water and vitamin C. And it needs nothing else.

Now, if it were a hot day and I was looking for something cold to drink and I was confronted with a variety of bottled teas I might just go for the Anteadote Pure Jasmine.

Good stuff.

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