Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ben Gordon's Energy Drink

I don't follow sports anymore and even when I did I wasn't too keen on basketball. Which is the roundabout way of saying I didn't know who Ben Gordon was until just recently. Of course, if you're a Chicago Bulls fan you know exactly who he is.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that Gordon is coming out with his own energy drink. As the story goes, he wasn't satisfied with the fifteen zillion varieties currently on the market so he got in touch with beverage makers H3E Enterprises and yet another energy drink was born.

The lemon lime-flavored beverage - dubbed BG7 - will be made with "pure organic Chinese white tea". The article breathlessly informs us that white tea contains "five times the antioxidants and health benefits of green tea". This means that it's really, really, super-extra good for you - or something like that.

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