Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dear Abby On Tea Etiquette

Tea Lover In New York recently wrote to Dear Abby with a slightly perplexing issue.

"I often order a cup of herbal tea with dinner at restaurants. I use quite a bit of sugar, and end up with four to five empty packets after I've sweetened my tea. What should I do with them? I've tried hiding them under the saucer, but they never seem to fit."

Abby responded that TLINY could "sneak the packets into your purse (or even your brassiere)" and proceeded to advise cutting down on sugar consumption.

Abby doesn't offer any advice on what to do if you're a guy who finds yourself in this predicament, so you'll just have to improvise. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. You figure it out.


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