Saturday, May 20, 2006

Drink Away Pounds

Oh, please. Okay, I didn't dream up that goofy headline myself. It's actually a takeoff on the title of an article - Drink Away 10 Pounds - that recently ran in Men's Health.

If you were to guess that the average American male drinks 200 gallons of liquid a year then, at least according to this article, you'd be right. Among the beverages that make up this 200 gallons - about 34 gallons of beer, 53 gallons of soda, 24 gallons of milk and more.

So the trick here - which isn't really too tricky - is simply to alter your beverage consumption patterns so that you're taking in less calories.

There's a brief section on green tea which, as nearly as I can tell, speculates that you could save about 1,200 calories a week by substituting Honest Tea's less sweetened bottled teas for other more sugary ones.


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