Sunday, May 21, 2006

England's Icons - Tea

"Have a nice sit-down with a cuppa, maybe a chocolate digestive too. What could be more quintessentially English?" Indeed.

So says the Icons Web site, the online presence for a project that aimed to create a portrait of England through those objects that are "uniquely important to life in England and the people who live here". Among the many other English icons - Alice in Wonderland, Big Ben, cricket and Stonehenge.

The Icons section for tea is well worth taking a look at, with it's wealth of articles and other information about tea. Prepare to spend some time once you get there. Why, I daresay, you might even want to settle in with a cup of tea.

For more background and information on tea, though presented in a decidedly more flashy mega-corporate style, check out Lipton's Tea Zone. It takes an illustrated look at all things tea, from history to growing and brewing techniques to health information.

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