Friday, August 03, 2007

Gadget - Tea Bag Timer

Boing Boing and several other sites recently wrote about a gadget called a Penguin Teaboy. With that in mind I thought I'd go back and dust off this post from the TGS archives.

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You might have noticed that there are quite a few Internet sites out there that feature goofy and not altogether practical gadgets. I'm not sure why such sites are so popular, but somewhere there's probably a graduate student busy hammering out a dense, unreadable thesis on the topic.

A little while back several of the gadget sites featured a gizmo that caught my eye. The Tea Bag Timer is a wind-up powered timer that will automatically lift your tea bag out of the cup after whatever period of time you specify. If you purchase said gizmo from the Lazybone shopping site it's gonna set you back about $26, and that's before figuring in the shipping.

Dare I even say that this seems a bit steep? Not to mention the fact that it only works with tea bags.

For a nifty sort of gadget that works in a similar fashion with loose tea, refer to our earlier post on the Tea Maestro.

There's also Adagio Tea's triniTEA, a tea-making gadget of the highest order.

Elsewhere at the Lazybone site you'll find Monkey Picked Tea and Weasel Coffee. The latter is said to be "made from coffee beans that are regurgitated by weasels." And they say that like it's a good thing.


Image: Lazybone

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