Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Iced Tea Recipes

After spending a bunch of years in the West I'm having a tough time readjusting to this humidity thing they've got going on here in the East. One thing that helps to ease the discomfort a bit is iced tea.

Lately I've been doing various combinations of mango, passion fruit and pineapple, using teas from Hawaii Tea Factory. I also did a mango/osmanthus, using osmanthus from Adagio. I wasn't completely blown away by this one as a hot tea, but mixing it with something else and chilling it seems to work well.

Courtesy of Emeril Live and the Food Network, here's a recipe for Cranberry Vodka Iced Tea. We've written about a bunch of tea-flavored vodkas here at TGS, most recently here.

From the Northwest Herald, comes a recipe for Passion Lemon Iced Tea.

Also in the chilled category are some bottled yerba mate drinks from Guayaki - EmpowerMint, Raspberry Revolution, and Traditional.

Image: Guayaki

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