Sunday, May 28, 2006

Milk In Tea

Elsewhere in these pages I've made my feelings about milk in tea abundantly clear. In a word - yuk. Of course, I'm not nearly so naive as to believe that most tea drinkers share my antipathy toward this practice.

As a matter of fact, the people over at recently did a survey which found that 69% of tea drinkers (219 were surveyed) drink tea with milk in it. Obviously, as they note, "the high percentage preferring milk reflects the British influence on tea and on US tea drinkers."

Speaking of milk and tea, here's a brief article from a Kashmiri publication about the troubles that arose for tea drinkers when a security crackdown inhibited the flow of milk into the city of Srinagar.


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1 comment:

Gata said...

I used to put milk in my (black) tea without even pondering what it would taste like without it. Now I so rarely add milk...with the exception of breakfast teas, which if they are too strong (esp. Irish) may even require a dash of sugar - gasp! Still, it's rare that I do even this, only in a moment when I'm regressing to my childhood, or if I'm in England or Ireland.