Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Newsweek Does Tea

In early May, we mentioned that Time magazine had featured a brief article on tea.

A recent article in the other weekly newsmag - Newsweek - currently posted at, explores the growing world of tea connoisseurship in Asia. The article is called The Art of Tea and features a sort of snotty come-on line, "Move over, latte fans. Tea drinkers can be just as pretentious. But $50 for a single cup?"

The $50 cup, by the way, is "a small cup of 60-year-old Pu-Erh, a black tea from Yunnan province," which "can add $50 to the bill at Moon Garden". Also mentioned is "The East Is Red" tea, a black tea produced by a particular 700-year-old tree in Guangdong province that once supplied tea for Chairman Mao. It goes for about $500 per 35 grams.


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1 comment:

Karin said...

Dayum! $50 a pop for a cuppa that smells and tastes like dirt? (A nice earthy, just-rained-on kind of dirt, but like dirt nonetheless.)

Wish I had that kind of moolah to sip and then pee away. LOL!

Hmmmm. I think I will stick with the pu-erh I've got. I'm sure it's only aged a fraction of the amount of the pu-erh mentioned in the article, but a cup 'o' dirt's a cup 'o' dirt in my tea book.