Monday, May 01, 2006

Online Tea Gadgets & Games

Got a weakness for online gizmos that serve no purpose other than to give you something to do when you should be working? You're in luck.

Head over to the U.K. Tea Council's Web site and check out the Hang-O-Meter. It's a series of four online tests intended to "rate your overall mental aptitude and physical responses" after a rough night of living it up.

A more utilitarian gadget would be Spin the Pot. It's not unlike Spin the Bottle, except that this version allows you to determine who, out of a group of people - office mates, perhaps - should make tea next.

Here's a silly little game we mentioned a while back, but which is still available to fill all your time-wasting needs. It's called Play With ERN and you can find it at the PG Tips Web site.

Image: PG Tips

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